Traveling first time to New York with my parents

In 2015, September, I started to travel with my parents and my uncle's family to New York. It was first time for all of us.Especially, my uncle's family who visited to the US for the first time and we can reunion our family. My mom could not visit back to my mother country(Myanmar) because we have a little princess in our family from my sister. My sister works very hard and my mom loves to take care of her grand-daughter. Therefore, I invited one of my mom's brother family to stay with us for few weeks. Happy and luckly day for us! All of 9 people got visa and they arrived safely in September 9, 2015. It was very short weeks for us but we never forgot our memories with them. When we were young, my uncle's family supported us for everything; food, clothes, and money. Now, it is time to invite them to visit and to spend time with us. Therefore, we sent them around some of pupular places in the U.S but with their money.  We can only give them our time and space to live in at my sister house. 9 people slept in different rooms: some slep in the bed rooms, some slept in the living room. My mom and two of my cousin sleep on the bed and three of us slept on the floor. We talked until midnight and woke up early in the morning. My sister only took some days off. However, I was very lucky person to travel with them. They like to visit and shop here but they missed our tradational food. We created many great things together at our house: inviting some monks and friends to our house to offer lunch and we cooked together and donated together. When they went back to our country, our house was very quite. Even, our little princess and my mom, they did not speak for three days. My mom only has two brother left and the rest are already left from this world. As the result, I could create the wonderful memories to my mom, my uncle and his family.