After 5 months of the business, I joined as a member

Lotus, I like lotus flower because it is always beautiful and always up on the water. We need to practice as the lotus flower: always beautiful and on the water.

Hand made by seniors people from San Jose. We are supporting to them.Thai/Asia Market, 3919 Broadway St., American Canyon, Ca94503

Thank you for being our customers

New system

We just updated with new system to help us and our customers. Now, we can print the receipt, text to your phone or email to you. It adds a cost to us but we are happy to do it for our customers.

Thai/Asia Market

3919 Briadway St.

American Canyon, Ca94504

Thank you for your support

I am still hanging in here at Thai/Asia Market, 3919 Broadway St., American Canyon, Ca94503

Our map

Our new system with the

Our new receipt from new system with the printed receipt.

UnionPay, starting from today, we are accepting all cards,

Mixed pics

New Business Card

We updated the business card after we run out of the old cards.

Thai/Asia Market, 3919 Broadway St., American Canyon, California94503. Even, we live in the United States, we still love to eat our traditonal food. One day, I went to Thai market to buy our favourite food and found out that the owner wants to sell her business. I did not have money to buy the business but my family and I want to do it because it is very closed to our house. Finally, my sister invests money and I invest my time to poerform this store. It is on our hand to active and grow and I start adding more products to have broader customers to grow our business. The business is running for two months and workig hard to get more customers. We need more money to add more products and equipments. Have you decide to visit to our little store in American Canyon? Whoever visit to our store will get free candy and most of our customers like it.

Painting is not easy but it is amazing if you know it becasue the paitning can show how you feel and what you want.

The backpack was my second ordered and  it was created with the logo. 300 pcs of backpacks were arrived and it was my experiences to follow up what the requirements. When I saw all of the boxes at the Okaland port, my first thought was how I am going to bring them to my house and where I am going to keep them. The employees from the port helped me to breake some boxes and helped them arrange in my small car. Luckly, I could deliver all of the boxes with my small car and I could keep them at my sister garage. My ears were very noisy because my parents and my sisiter gave me lots of comments.

No Days Off. It matches with me now because Thai/Asia Market opens from 10:00am to 6:00 pm everyday.

Team Work

I am waiting for the customers to come to our store. Thai/Asia Market,3919 Broadway St, American Canyon, Ca94503

One of the Historical place in Myanmar

I took the photo when I visited to the customer’s office

While I was touring around the Napa area with my friends, I told them, let’s visited to the place which might be a beautiful Hotel. When we approached, we found out that it is a veteran hospital.

Thank you for visiting to Myanmar. Hopefully, you will be Rest In Peace.

The famous Pagoda in Myanmar

Famous Pogoda in Myanmar

Driving around the SF city as a Lyft driver in 2017

The Balboa National Park in San Diego

The GoldenGate Bridge and me

The sign for the beautiful places and world famous wineries in the area. I am sending some of my friends who want to visit to some of winaries to take the photos and ride the tram. Some people like to taste wines and some people don't taste the wines. We are still enjoying for riding the tram.

Visiting to Arizona.

There is way to go to a placefullife life.

I never see them in my life but when I drove to St. Helena one day, I saw them. It made me some feeling and I am happy to see them.

Remembering of our childhood because we had 14 cats in our house when we lived in Thanton. 

Berry and Healthy

Eating all kinds of berry make us healthy!

Living differences!

Living all diferences together.

With kind regards


Am I dreaming?

How many people can you carry?

Life on social media

Many people are spending time on the social media and I am one of them. Our world is very closer then before becasue of the techonology.

At Monument Valley, Arizona

Natural Beauty at Monument Valley, Arizona

Natural Beauty at Monument Valley, Arizona

Trip to some of popular places in United States